What is Vote once Choose twice?

Is it a party? An activist group? A think tank? An independent candidate?

No. Not yet, anyway.

Vote once Choose twice is a diagnosis.

It’s a belief that the bit that’s gone wrong in Australian politics is the political parties.

There’s plenty else you can say is wrong.

You might believe that The Australian is off to the right. That the ABC is off to the left. That Alan Jones is off the spectrum.

Perhaps you believe the far Left are fairies at the bottom of the garden, clicktivists with open mouths and closed minds. Perhaps you believe the far Right are homophobic racists, the political wing of the eighteenth century.

But political parties used to have the power and the will to shape national discussion. Now, they just have the power.

Political parties represented a community.

Political parties represented someone. The Country Party represented county folk. The Liberal Party stood for “the forgotten people” – the middle class. The Labor Party was the political wing of the union movement. When there was a split of beliefs within the Labor party, a new party splintered off: the DLP.

Now, political parties represent power blocks and power brokers within themselves. Unions fight preselection battles against each other for safe Labor seats in parliament. Conservatives are fighting for control of the Liberal Party. “Branch stacking” is a thing.

What is Vote once Choose twice?

Vote once Choose twice is my belief that we need MPs who represent their community’s beliefs, not their faction’s. That means breaking the power of parties and factions over MPs.

Vote once Choose twice is a website: a diagnosis & a prescription, a blog (real soon now) and some crosswords for clickbait. That’s all… so far.

Where it goes depends on how it goes. Don’t be silent: if you like it, Like it! If you think it’s an idea worth spreading, spread it! If you don’t like it: say so, say why, with reasons, without anger.

Thanks for your time.