CW – Week of 8 December

Political trivia crossword, Saturday 8 December, 2018.

Malcolm Turnbull described his successor’s motivations in, ahem, particularly clear language, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Keeping with the Turnbull family, there’s been a few tweets deleted, but one is preserved for posterity in The Australian and The Unshackled. Apparently, here’s some of what Alex tweeted: “Check it out! I donated to … – because I care about accountability in media advertising, you should too“. Gotta love his confidence about what I should be doing.

But returning to current Members of Parliament, life appears not to be a bowl of cherries for the Member for Lindsay. She’s fighting to keep her seat in Sydney, but failed to use her seat in Canberra.

While our Environment Minister is doing good work (presumably) in Katowice (Politico), it’s possible you’re in the dark about the finer points of the shadow cabinet, especially the Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water.

It’s not the usual crossword format. Here’s a demonstration to show how it works. And, today’s solution.

Written and authorised by Guy Smith, Taringa.






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